If you’re watching the rugby tomorrow, you need to read this

I have been getting lumps in my throat every single time I hear a RWC ad or the national anthem for about a week now. I walk into work to find banners on doors and people wearing scarves and jerseys. Green and Gold, and we’re going to obliterate the English. GO BOKKE!

Es muss sein, surely.

Last night, at 20:20, Lucky Dube was shot dead as his son looked on helplessly. For a Chrysler. The world is an emptier place for this loss, and South Africa’s inner evil – the crime crisis – is yet again highlighted by the senseless killing of one of her most talented sons.

 At the eve of our greatest victory, the Springboks face a moral choice.

Play, and win, and you will be sports heroes to the nation.

 Boycott the RWC Final – on field, for 80 minutes, dressed in black, singing the anthem and Lucky Dube’s songs – and you will be remembered as political heroes, as a group of individuals that made a real impact – on street level.

 The RWC victory matters not when our citizens aren’t safe. Now is the time to forget the sponsorships, and do the right thing.

It is the greatest opportunity to highlight the crime crisis since 1995.

It may also be our last chance to make a stand.   

You’ve won the toss – it’s your call.