I can haz Carbon Neutral Music???

A challenge to the Larks, Real Estate Agents, Josie Fields and Love Jones’ of this world.

Rock and roll, in the traditional anti-establishment sense, is dead.

Example: U2’s Bono, with his contrived advocacy sainthood vibe, has spawned a generation of mushy emo rockers that ride crowd vibes and promote things like “Third World Aid”.

Some would argue that rock is far too self-indulgent to change the world fundamentally.

I would say I am inclined to agree.

Music lovers want intelligence AND soul
Beth Orton, an electrofunk/alt-folk heroine with lyrics that hijack your mind and a voice that arrests your senses, is the inspiration behind this post. You’ll recognise her voice from down-tempo collaborations with the Chemical Brothers and William Orbit, the man for all things swish-like.

This woman is the shizniz grandmaster.

Carbon NEUTRAL – not merely “carbon conscious”
All her recent albums have been carbon neutral, which means that a tree is planted in the crummier side of downtown Mexico for every certain number of individual records  produced.

By doing this, she offsets the carbon emissions created when her CDs are pressed and album sleaves and marketing material is printed.

And she’s not advertising this fact.

Support carbon-neutral artists
If you aren’t one of the mentioned musos or their managers, you can still make a difference – simply spend your hard-earned bucks to support carbon-neutral musicians and carbon-conscious events  and music festivals such as Rocking The Daisiesand instead use that wonderful MP3 format to –

Nevermind, I didn’t say that – but do put your moolah where your maws are.


Our No-Smut, Green-Topics-Only Pledge to You
When this blog was started, a conscious editorial decision was made rather not to post at all than to simply rant and rave aimlessly.

 I have been giving a lot of though to how the above-average citizen – yes, that’s YOU – can make a meaningful contribution to decreasing mankind’s collective carbon footprint, and will continue seeking innovative ways of fighting climatic change.

I am taking this issue seriously; if you are too, I’d encourage you to keep reading.

Watch this space.