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Blog Action Day has partnered with Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection and will this year be lobbying US President and controversial Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barak Obama to show vital leadership by introducing and fast-tracking the implementation of clean energy policies in the States. As one of the primary global carbon culprits, a deal at Copenhagen that doesn’t get the US’s buy-in will be stillborn.

You have a blog – now use it for good! Also take action by signing a petition telling the US it’s time to act on climate change here.

Get involved in local energy saving initiatives

Don’t forget to sign the National Energy Efficiency Campaign for South Africa’s  pledge to save energy – the site also give you tools and information for getting involved in local energy saving and carbon offsetting initiatives.


Hamma Hamma – How green is Cell C?

As a former advertising copywriter I choose not to comment on the creative fiasco that is Cell C’s recently launched “Hamma Hamma” campaign. But as a green blogger I’ve had a couple of thoughts and questions:

How green is Net#work BBDO? 

Strategically, the blunder went beyond the way in which the campaign was communicated; the very decision to give away 6 Hummer H3s points to a worrying lack of forethought and environmental awareness:

The use of non-armor-plated Humvees in Iraq earned GM’s flagship urban 4×4 brand some of the nastiest publicity available on the planet, while their fuel consumption and emissions performance leaves a lot to be desired from an ecological perspective.

Add to this the misogynist undertones of the gangster culture, where a pimp ride is a Hummer, and you have the one product you frankly should not co-brand with.

The Halo Effect with Horns 

To those who can afford it, these ecological-disasters-on-wheels now probably appear far more appealing than before they were punted as the ultimate form of transport in this ad campaign – and compared with most other passenger vehicles on the road, their carbon fooprint is immense.

Driving your spoilt brat brood to school in a 3.7-litre monstrosity not only contributes to the climate crisis, but probably also causes your kids becoming insufferable pricks by the time they hit puberty.

For General Motors, this ought to translate into more sales, which in turn will result in more greenhouse gasses being emitted, with more and more rabid Hummer fans busting themselves to make enough money to afford these lifestyle icons. And they’ll get there, and they’ll fill them up and ride them empty each and every week; even if we hit R10 per litre for petrol.

Why couldn’t Cell C have given away Toyota Priuses or a number of Cell C scholarships?  

Personally, I find Cell C and ad agency Net#work BBDO decision to use the brand’s marketing machine to fuel poor Joe Soap’s lust for bigger and better things crass and thoroughly offensive – almost as offensive, in fact, as Cell C’s service levels, which prompted me to terminate my contract and move to Vodacom after two years of frustration and anger.

I hate Mo the Meerkat even more than I hate “hamma hamma”, but at least their call centre tends to be available far more often. Feel free to comment if you share in this sense of outrage.

Oh, and welcome to 2008, y’all.