Carbon Accountable vs. Carbon SMART

Herewith your daily opportunity to learn from the stupidity of others, rather than have to pay the school fees yourself:

In keeping with my resolution to switch my geyser off when I go on holiday, I flip the switch on the mains and kick it to the Transkei on 20 January, 2008, for seven full days. Great, what a carbon saint I am. Helping Eskom out. Saving energy. Halting my second-biggest fossil fuel consuming activity for a full week.


 I also apparently hit a pathetic little switch next to it that, in hindsight, is labelled “plugs”.

In the third week of January, in the Year of our Lord 2008, as per the global warming hypothesis, the temperatures in Cape Town soar like Zimbabwean inflation.

I get back to a flat that smells like a burglar got in, slipped, fell and staked himself on my pre-rigged Congo macheti. Twice.

 No, not even. It smells like the freaking Salt River Morgue after a week of rolling Eskom black-outs. In fact, given the amount of dead meat sprouting fur and gleefully whispering as I transfer it into a doubled-over black refuse back, it may as well have been the next X Files science project gone wrong.

 The moral of the story?

If you’re carbon conscious, you’ll do the right thing and switch off your geyser when you go on holiday. But if you’re carbon smart, you won’t do it the way I do it.


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