Suggestions for a low-carbon festive season

As major contributors to global warming, air travel and driving are obvious carbon culprits – yet if you’re reading this blog post, chances are that driving (if nothing else) is virtually a given during the coming holidays.

 Here are some pointers for keeping your carbon footprint as small as possible during the silly season:

Take fewer vehicles on holiday
Splitting petrol between 4 people, rather than 2, costs (wait for it) 50% less, and also brings the group’s fossil fuel consumption down by half! It’s also more sociable, but be sure to pick your company wisely.

Go on a cycling holiday
Companies such as Wylde Ride ( can hook you up with a full-on local cycling holiday – so pick a trip that suits your fitness levels, pack the sun tan lotion and get ready for some time in the saddle – it makes for a superb break from the rat race, but you need to book fairly early.

Don’t cruise, RIDE.
Instead of just zipping around the coast or country in your rented Tazz/TT, why not do some of your explorations on a bicycle? You’ll see a lot more, and you’ll certainly emit less carbon dioxide. If nothing else, you’ll be working off the festive kilojoules and look like a Virgin Active GangStar.

Cycle to work (loser!)
If you are one of those poor sods (yours truly included) who’ll be working the skeleton shifts over the festive season, why not cash in on the deserted roads to cycle to work? Think about it: if you klank when you get there, no one will be around to notice, and it’s good green karma. It’ll also be the highlight of an otherwise lethally boring day.

Switch off your geyser, GEEZER
One of the biggest fossil fuel burners this holiday will undoubtedly be all those geysers holidaymakers have not switched off. If every household that goes on holiday switches their geysers off, Eskom is halfway off the hook. No seriously, do switch it off – but switch it back on the second you walk in the door. There’s nothing more neg than ending a good holiday with a forced icy cold shower.

If you have any potent tips for carbon-neutral holiday-making, feel free to share them in the comments!


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