Saving the planet, one purchase at a time

Now I don’t know about you, but I am fairly big on retail therapy. Below follows a carbon-conscious shopping list that’s guaranteed to clear your karmic overdraft – or the bulk of it – in 3 easy steps. They’re listed from “cheep-cheep” to bank-breaking, so you’ll have ample time to save up. Here goes:

Carbon-savvy Buy # 1:
Eco-friendly shopping bag

Ja, I know, I know. I too feel like a bit of a tool walking past that posse of second-year UCT chicks in Pick n Pay, and you KNOW they’re all thinking “shame, Comp Sci Masters Geek” as they spot that green atrocity you’re feebly trying to hide on the other side of your legs.
But think about this: A) You’re earning a salary – they’re not. B) Buying one of those numbers means 2 plastic bags less going home with the average batchelor per week, and adds up to 100+ less plastic bags per year blowing around a rubbish dump somewhere.
Additionally, they’re pretty sturdy, so you won’t ever need to chase runaway tins across the parking lot again.

Carbon-savvy Buy # 2:
Salton Econo-Heat panel heater

So it’s a little late now (being October already), but panel heaters are the way forward: They’re safe, effective and can be left on, so you come home to a toasty pad. The bonus is that they use something like 50% less electricity than regular heaters, and they won’t stuff up your sinuses. And at around 299 Souf Effrikan Rahnt, you can afford to give one of these guys a home. Besides, I shocked myself bedonnered some years ago with one of those bar heater items –
Trust me, it’s not cool. Don’t do it.

Carbon-savvy Buy # 3:
LG SolarDom Convection Microwave

This is the Mac Dadda of microwave ovens. It’s so sophisticated it will chat to your significant other about gender equality while you’re chopping onions, and uses a combination of – get this – halogen light, microwave rays and convection heat to cook stuff. It’s up to 40% faster than regular ovens, and uses 50% less electricity. Now at R2999 at Game it’s not exactly a cheap kitchen acquisition, but if your schedule is as tight as mine, you’d want things to move at speed. 18 minutes = a whole chicken’s worth of pieces grilled and crisped to perfection.


So what else are we buying?
Know of anything else that’s energy efficient or particularly eco-friendly? Let’s hear it.


Found 10 more cool climate-conscious tips, courtesy of

 Nicely Nic!


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the linklove! I am glad you picked up on my post. Love what you are doing with the blog, keep it up.

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