Taking responsibility in an era of consequences

What makes a 27 year-old marketer take up blogging on environmental issues?

Driving home at 00:30 on Wednesday morning, a very definite realisation crystallised in my mind. Well, more like a load of realisations. So here goes:

There comes a point of no return
The directors of the company I freelance for smoke like chimneys. When I leave their studio, my clothes reek and my chest hurts. Right now, smoking helps them keep up the inhumane pace of starting one’s own business, but in time, it’s going to be the end of them both.

Environmental nevermindedness, in many regards, is like smoking – by the time you regret not kicking the bad habit earlier, it will be far too late.

Driving home on the M3, I had this ominous feeling that the window period for reducing carbon emissions and sustaining critical life systems was busy closing quietly.

And that humankind, collectively and individually, will be accountable for it.

What world will I leave my children?
Post-1994, South Africans have become dangerously indifferent. Everyone is burning themselves out to make a million and drive a Crossfire by the time they hit 30, and that very wealth is created at the expense of the environment.

I am not planning on having children any time soon, but will the planet still be able to support them when I do? And looking at the polluted skyline above Cape Town, looking at the number of species facing extinction and natural disasters occurring as a result of destructive human activities, what will we be signing our kids up for in a world of which the motor is already grinding to a halt?

The global climate crisis, although not too many people may recognise it as such, is the single most important political issue facing us as a generation today.

During our lifetime, it is going to be make or break for the world we live in.

How we address this sustainability challenge will not only significantly influence the quality of our lives in the near future, but will also determine our life expectancy as a species.

“Who’s coming with me… Except Flipper?”
Ask anyone that knows me: I ain’t no bunny hugger.
But I would like appeal to your inner hero, your Rational-World-Citizen Self:
If you acknowledge a moral and ethical obligation to protect the natural environment against further irreparable damage, then this blog wants to be read by you in an RSS reader.

If you believe that our children’s future depends on us reducing this country and EVERY OTHER COUNTRY’S carbon emissions, then this is the space to watch. This blog is about having the balls to hold our political leadership and key industries accountable for their environmental impact and carbon footprint. It’s about a group of thinking individuals saving the planet by spreading environmentally sound ideas and solutions.

If this sounds like your bag, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog and to keep this issue right under the noses of your friends, coworkers and families.

Let’s do this!


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